Do you carry Phifer SheerWeave 3000 roller shades?
Yes we carry Phifer SheerWeave 3000 Roller Shades online. The product is our Sheer Weave Roller Shades - 14%. Choose from all the colors and options of the Phifer SheerWeave 3000 fabric including motorization. Upgrade to our standard battery motors or contact our customer service for hard wired motors.

Phifer SheerWeave 3000 Roller Shades offer 14% openness to let filtered light pass through the window shades without blocking the view. Ideal for offices because of the reduction in glare on monitors as well as the reduction in heat loss or gain. Choose the Phifer SheerWeave 3000 Roller Shades for any room which you wish to stop UV rays without completely blocking the view.

Compare our prices on Phifer SheerWeave 3000 Solar Screen Shades and see how much you can save by doing it yourself. We also carry other roller shades with Phifer fabrics. If you can't find the fabric on our website just ask. We can sell all the Phifer fabrics even if they are not on our website. Buy online with free shipping today!
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