Where do we find the UV rating, meaning how much of UV rays the fabrics block on the solar screen shades?
screen roller shades
The amount of UV rays solar screen shades block is determined by the openness factor. If a screen roller shade has a 5% openness factor, the solar screen shades block 95% of the UV rays from passing through the fabric. The tighter the weave the lower the openness factor and the more UV rays the screen shades block.

Each of our solar screen shades are listed with a percentage the weave of the screen fabric is open. The lower the percentage, the more light the screen roller shades block and the less you can see through the solar shades.

Solar screen shades are ideal for areas where light control is desired without blocking the view. Solar screen shades are often used in offices, businesses, restaurants, or any room where light can be an issue. Because solar screen shades are made with a screen fabric they are not privacy blinds. During the daytime they will provide some privacy but when it's dark outside and the lights are on inside they can be seen through.

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