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Can the Day and Night Shades be used on an Atrium door (one door opens and the other is stationary)?
Just about any window blinds or shades can be mounted on a door, however, there are a few things to consider. First look for a product that has tie downs or can be secured at the bottom of the door. This is not a complete necessity but if the blinds or shades are not secured at the bottom they can swing free and either getting in the way as the door opens and closes and even damage the blinds.

The next item to consider on door blinds is the lift cord location. We recommend ordering the window blinds with the controls on the same side as the hinges, keeping the cords from swinging into the door as it closes. Most of our window blinds offer the option to select the side you would like the controls when ordering. One draw back with a window blinds like day and night shades is they have multiple cords where there must be one cord on each side of the shades. Day night shades are available in honeycomb shades as well as roman shades.

When measuring for door blinds such as an atrium door, order the blinds as an outside mount. The size you specify should be the exact size the blinds come but check each product for the correct measuring instructions. Next measure past the window on the door at least one to two inches on each side. The farther past the edge of the window on the door, the more privacy the blinds or shades will provide. Keep in mind any obstructions such as door handles as well as the edges of the door. You should not order the blinds too close the outer edges of the door itself.

Choosing the correct window blinds for french doors or any doors with windows can be tricky. If you would like any help or have any questions feel free to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service agents and we would be glad to assist you ordering the correct product for your doors.
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