What is no holes privacy or routless wood blinds?
Horizontal venetian blinds are designed with routed holes in each blind slat. These holes allow the lift cords to pass through the blinds. Although the holes in the blind slats are minimal, the window blinds block less light and privacy is reduced.

No holes privacy or routless blinds do not have holes in the center of each blind slat. Instead the lift cords run along the outside of the window blinds. Depending on the design there may be a slight notch for the lift cords to rest in the edge of the slat.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to routless or no holes privacy blinds. Lets start with the advantages.
  • Added privacy Although standard venetian blinds provide privacy, routless blinds do add some additional privacy
  • Light Control Because there are less holes in the blinds to let light through, routless blinds block more light.
  • Cleaning Because there are no cords running though each blind slat, each individual slat can easily be removed from the blinds for cleaning.
Now for the disadvantages.
  • Door blinds Window blinds mounted to a door need to stay in place. Routless blinds will slide out of the blinds as the door is opened and closed therefore we don't recommend routless blinds for door blinds.
  • Outside mount blinds When mounted inside a window frame, the blind slats cannot slide out of the blinds because they hit the window frame. With outside mount blinds there is nothing on the sides to prevent this from happening. Although outside mount routless blinds can work we don't recommend it.
  • Children & Pets Because the blind slats can be removed from the routless blinds they are not recommended for pets or children.
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