I am looking for a company that can manufacture "custom printed" roll up blinds. For example if I supply a graphic image can you create a blind from this to the size and specifications I need. This would be a double sided - so image is on BOTH sides. Can you do this type of custom roller blinds?
Custom Printed Blinds
Yes we can make custom printed blinds in either roller shades or honeycomb cell shades. Provide us with the graphic, image or logo as well as any additional text such as hours of operation or tagline and we can create it for you. Displayed is an example of a bank that supplied their logo and we created a custom roller shade for their drive-up window that is closed after hours.

Each roller shade can be printed on either the interior side of the shades or the street side of the blinds. The fabric can also be printed with whatever background color you would like.

Our custom printed roller shades come in 3 fabric choices. Select from blackout, light filtering, or screen fabrics. Honeycomb shades come in blackout and light filtering fabrics.

Customize your own printed blinds today!

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