Do you ever reinstate colors that you have removed from the choices for the Tavarua Exotic Woven Wood Blinds? I would like the same color that I had previously but I don't see it on the list, as well as some others I saw before.
Occasionally we discontinue colors within our bamboo shades but most of the time we can still get these colors upon special request. Each of our woven wood blinds are custom made order. Choose from our wide selection of woven wood fabrics. Upgrade with free edge binding and liners.

Our bamboo shades are top quality but with all of the free upgrades available they are a great bargain. Bamboo shades offer the look of natural materials such as bamboo, wood, jute and others making them eco-friendly blinds. Made from sustainable resources such as wild grown bamboo and other natural materials.

We highly recommend adding edge binding on bamboo shades no for the added look but because it will extend the life of the woven wood blinds. Edge binding helps protect the edges of the bamboo from snags and breakage. Liners are also a suggested upgrade as most bamboo fabrics do not provide complete privacy. Adding a privacy or blackout liner adds privacy as well as light control to the bamboo shades.
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