Do you have top down bottom up bamboo blinds that are good for keeping a bedroom dark (light not coming between slats).
Most of our bamboo blinds have an optional top down bottom up upgrade available. This option allows the bamboo shades to be either raised as traditional bamboo roman shades or lowered from the top down. Top down bottom up bamboo blinds are great for letting light in the top while still providing privacy, blocking the bottom portion of the windows.

For complete privacy and/or light control we highly recommend upgrading any woven wood shades with a liner. Because bamboo blinds are made from different natural materials such as bamboo, jute, rope, etc. woven together, light may pass through each of the fibers. Adding a liner behind the woven wood material stops light and adds privacy to the shades. To achieve true blackout bamboo shades, a blackout liner must be added. Watch for our specials such as free liners on our woven wood shades.
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