How wide are the bamboo sliding panels? I have a 124 wide closet to cover. I would like 6 panels of 20 inch width to all stack on left.
The bamboo sliding panels are approximately 22" - 28" wide and will vary based on the size of the window. For a 124 inch window the panel track blinds would come with five panels on a one way draw.

Our bamboo panel track blinds can be either a center open/split draw or a one way draw. For center open panel track blinds there will always be an even number of panels so when opened there is an even number of panels on each side. With one way draw, the panels will be even sizes need to make the overall all size of the window blinds.

Bamboo panel track blinds are an excellent alternative to vertical blinds on those large, hard to cover windows. Made with natural bamboo and woven wood fibers, our bamboo sliding panel blinds are eco-friendly as well. Look for our Tavarua woven wood blinds for matching patterns for all of your other windows as well.
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