I just would like to check the way to measure on the Woven Wood Shades. The measuring instruction section says to add 3 inches to both height and width measurement.This seems a lot of add'l inches on an outside mount. Pls clarify so can order.
When measuring for woven wood shades mounted outside the window frame, additional width and height is required. If the bamboo shades where the same size as the window frame light and privacy would be lost through the edges of the shades. Also, the shades must be mounted above the window frame on outside mount requiring additional length.

We recommend an additional 3 inches to the width and height. This is only an additional 1 1/2 inches past each side of the window frame. Without this extra overlap you would be able to see in at an angle as the bamboo shades do not sit completely flush to the wall when mounted.

Measure your window frame in 3 locations as the window may not be square. Add at least 3 inches to both the width and height. With outside mount window shades no deductions will be taken and they will be made at the size ordered.

Bamboo shades do not offer complete privacy as light can pass through the woven wood fabric. Watch for our free liners promo with the purchase of multiple bamboo roman shades.
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