I ordered the express Faux wood blinds. I have a question, does the blind come with the pull cord and tilt cord? I noticed I didn't have the options to play with, which is fine, I just wanted to make sure it does come with a pull cord.
Our Express 2" Faux Wood Blinds do not have the option or choice for the type of tilt control. Each blind comes with a cord tilt and no option for a wand.

Which type of tilt control is better for operating horizontal blinds? Both wand tilt and cord tilt controls effectively operate the blinds. Cord tilts are the better choice for window blinds. They are easier to operate than a wand tilt, close the blinds tighter, and last longer.

The one advantage to a wand tilt is they are easily distinguishable from the lift cord. Instead of having two cords and not sure which cord performs which function operating the blinds.
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