I'm in the apartment business I'm looking for faux wood blinds (basic) what are your prices? Also, sometimes I need 95 inch long, does your company carry these sizes?
Large windows can be hard to cover. Traditional horizontal window blinds can become heavy with large blinds at 95 inches long. Faux wood blinds are made from synthetic pvc slats that weigh more than real wood slats. That being said, the larger the blinds, the heavier they become. Heavy blinds can be hard to raise and can also wear out the mechanisms faster.

Depending on the type of window blinds and the size we recommend splitting large blinds into multiple blinds. This can be done with two blinds sharing a common headrail. This makes the blinds easier to operate and they last longer. The disadvantage to doing this is there will be a slight gap between the blinds. Unless a faux wood blind at 95 inches high is very narrow it would probably need to be split as two blinds on one headrail.

Typical apartment blinds are aluminum mini blinds or faux wood blinds. This is due to the cost. Most landlords do not want to purchase expensive blinds for a rental unit. We highly recommend the faux wood blinds for apartments. They cost a slight bit more than mini blinds but are more durable and worth the additional cost. If you have any questions about blinds for your apartment feel free to give us a call.
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