I am interested in ordering 2.5" faux wood blinds. I have exact measurements because I am simply replacing existing blinds for white. My question is, will I have to add/subtract any amount to my exact, existing width and length to get the exact measurements that I need? for example, if I specify a 38"wide x 48"height, will I get exactly that? Please let me know.
The manufacturer will take approximately a 1/2 inch deduction if you order the blinds as an "inside mount". The valance will fit nicely inside and cut straight at the edges. Some of our faux wood blinds offer a cornice style valance upgrade for no charge. This valance comes about two inches larger than the size ordered. The valance comes with returns or sides that come back to the wall.

If you order your blinds as "outside mount", the factory will make you blinds the size ordered and will not take any deductions. The valance will have side returns to cover your installation brackets.

So if you order inside mount proper deductions will be taken, outside mount no deductions. This is standard with our of our wood blinds and faux wood blinds and not just our 2 1/2 inch fauxwood blinds.

For our complete details on how to measure window blinds, read our complete measuring instructions.
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