Do you carry any woven reeds shades or reed blinds? Is there a difference between reed blinds and your bamboo shades?
Our custom bamboo shades are woven from various natural materials such as reeds, bamboo, jute, rope, and more. There is really no difference between reed shades, jute shades, rattan shades, or bamboo shades. It is just a different name for the same products. Sometimes the woven shades are made from different natural fibers but they all look similar. The elements that go into a woven blind create different styles and looks.

We carry the largest selection of woven reed shades at the best prices you will find online. Our "exclusive" line of Tavarua woven wood shades offer natural bamboo grown in the wild without any pesticides or chemicals making it a very earth friendly bamboo reed shade. Because bamboo and reeds grow rapidly they are a sustainable resource as well.

Our Tavarua shades offer many free upgrades such as thicker hand sewn fabric liners. Purchase multiple bamboo shades and get the liners for free. Also watch for free edge binding upgrades. We strongly recommend adding fabric edge binding to any reed shade to protect the delicate edges from breaking.

Woven reed shades come in either traditional roman style or roll up reed shades. Roman bamboo shades are the most popular style of reed shades available.
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