What is the depth requirement of an inside mount tavarua bamboo woven roman shade?
The minimum mount depth for our Tavarua bamboo roman shades is one inch. At a depth of one inch the bamboo shades will extend out of the window frame. For a flush mount shade, where the entire shade is within the window frame, you will need a minimum of two and a quarter inches of window frame depth. If the shade has a blackout or privacy liner you need an extra quarter of an inch of depth for the shades. The actual headrail dimensions of this bamboo woven roman shade is on and one half inches deep and three quarters of an inch high.

Bamboo roman shades are made from woven bamboo wood, jute, rope, rattan, and other natural materials. Each natural shade is woven to create different styles and colors based on the materials used in the woven wood shades. Because the bamboo woven roman shades are made this way, light passes through the shades and there are minimal gaps between each slat in the shades. For this reason we recommend adding a privacy or blackout liner to the shades if privacy is an issue. Watch for our special offers for free liners.

Another important feature with bamboo woven roman shades is edge binding. Edge binding is fabric that wraps the edges of the window shades and protects the delicate edges of the shades. Because the fabric is available in various colors it also adds a touch of personal style to ever bamboo blinds
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