My home is decorated in the Mediterranean look I am very confused on what faux blinds I should order. Most of my woods are cherry and oak. I need blinds for all of my rooms. Should I keep the blind colors all the same color or can I change without looking broke up and not consistent. My gut is saying to keep them light through all rooms and make it consistent. Looking at the antique white in the 2 1/2 blinds for the morning room and maybe the rest of the rooms as well. Instead of the darker cherry.
It is okay to use different window treatments as well as different color window blinds throughout the house although there should be some consistency. We recommend trying to keep the same window blinds as well as the same color and style within the same room or within areas of the home in which they can be seen. We realize this cannot always be possible such as with rooms with sliding glass doors. For this reason carry matching vertical blinds and faux wood blinds so you can keep the same stain or paint color with these products. Another example of matching window treatments is to choose a bamboo drapery on the sliding door next to roman bamboo shades for the other windows with the same style woven wood.

With our faux wood blinds we carry a wide selection of paint and stain colors. If you want a stain color such as oak faux wood blinds or faux blinds in cherry, we recommend any of the faux wood blinds within our "Best" category. Although all of our blinds are excellent quality, they offer more realistic stain colors that look the most like real wood blinds.
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