I would like to order just the slats to replace some broken ones on my patio door window. I would like to order 10 of the 3 1/2" premier wood look vertical blinds in oak mantel. The ones I am trying to replace are 97" in height. Do you sell replacement slats or would I have to order a full blind?
We do not offer individual blind slats for vertical blinds online but they may be special ordered. Choose from any of the vertical blinds we carry. Simply call our customer service department for pricing and availability.

One of the disadvantages of vertical blinds is the vanes can break where they attach to the carrier on the headrail. Vertical blind slats are made from different materials such as pvc vinyl, fabric, or wood. They can also vary in thickness. All these factors effect how well the vertical vanes hold up. You might want to consider ordering additional slats at the time the order is placed.

Pricing on vertical blind vanes is based on the material selected as well as the size. All of our vertical blinds come with 3 1/2 inch vanes which is the industry standard.

Vertical blinds are excellent for covering large windows such as sliders or patio doors. Other options for patio door blinds include panel track blinds or draperies. We also offer our Tavarua bamboo drapery, designed with grommets to hang on just about any drapery rod.
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