Are your energy track 3/8", (translucent or blackout),double cell shades cordless?
Currently we only offer the cordless option with our Comfortrack translucent cell shades. Our blackout ComforTrack cell shades are no longer available as cordless cell shades. If you are looking for a cordless blackout cell shade, we offer a variety of blackout cell shades that have the cordless upgrade available. Choose from our "Premier" or other "Soft Touch" cell shades that offer spun lace fabric. Or choose our "Deluxe" line in traditional point bond fabrics.

ComforTrack cell shades are designed with energy savings in mind. Built with a unique sidetrack system that blocks additional light and heat loss along the edges of the shades. Sidetracks are just like "zipping" up a warm winter coat. ComforTrack shades are also designed with double honeycomb cells. Double cell shades are excellent insulators and with the added layer along the edges of the window frames, the ComforTrack cell shades are the industries best!

Honeycomb shades come with a variety of honeycomb cell sizes as well as the number of cells in the fabric. Although there is not much difference, typically the more cells in the fabric the more they insulate. Double cells are better than single cell shades. The size of the pleat has minimal impact on the insulation factor and is more aesthetic. Typically larger pleat sizes are for larger windows.

ComforTrack cell shades come standard with a traditional lift cord but are also available in cordless, top down bottom up, or both cordless and top down bottom up together. Choose a lift option that works best for your application.
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