I am looking for horizontal, 1" vinyl blinds for a 6' patio door - each moving separately. Please advise as to whether you carry these?
We do not carry any 1 inch vinyl mini blinds due to their inherent nature to warp over time. Instead we offer 1 inch aluminum blinds. Metal blinds will not warp like thin vinyl mini blinds. Aluminum mini blinds come in a vast array of color choices. Because they are inexpensive blinds, they are a popular option for window coverings.

One disadvantage however to a metal mini blind is the fact that when metal blind slats are bent they will not retain their original shape. When a metal blind slat is bent it is hard to bend back so it remains straight and there is no crease in the slat. There are simple tricks how to straighten metal blinds.

We recommend faux wood blinds over one inch mini blinds if you can afford it. They are more durable as they have thicker slats that resist breaking, bending and warping. Faux wood blinds are designed to look like real wood blinds at a reduced price. Choose from standard white paint colors to realistic looking wood stain colors such as cherry wood blinds.
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