Do you produce trapezoidal shaped cellular blinds that FULLY open upward?
Yes, our trapezoid shaped cell shades will fully open so the bottom rail we close tight against the compressed fabric and top rail of the blinds. The bottom rail of the cell shades sits horizontal. As the cellular shades are raised, once they hit the top rail on the shorter side, the longer side will continue to raise until they are tight against the top of the blinds. This closure works like a large hand held fan as it compresses. The fanned shaped cell shades compress like an accordion.

Although we do not carry specialty shapes online such as trapezoid, octagon cell shades or arch top cell shades, we can custom make them. We offer matching fabrics to most of our standard honeycomb cellular shades. Please call us for special shapes and our customer service agents can assist you with any needs. Specialty shapes can be hard to measure for so we want to make sure you get the correct size for your windows.
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