We have a 5' wide by 6' wide window that arches at the top, it is one solid window no separate transom. It does have a separate metal bar going down the middle which would allow to accommodate to blinds, but what do you suggest about the window rounded to an arch at the top?
Arch top window treatments can be tricky. There are, however, various options and choices for arch top windows. These arch top window coverings are shutters, cell shade arches, wood or faux wood arches.

Arch windows come in either an attached arch, where the arch is part of the window frame or a separated arch where the arch window is in its own frame. Arches also come in perfect arches or eyebrow arches.

Eyebrow arches are more difficult to add an arch top window treatment to. Because eyebrow arches can vary in shape a template is required to create a custom arch. Perfect arches are easier. A perfect arch will be a perfect half circle. The width of the arch will be twice the height. To measure the arch on an attached arch measure from where the window frame begins to transition into a curve.

Separated arch windows are easier than attached arches because shutters are about the only window covering that can be one piece. An attached arch can be covered with two individual window coverings. For instance, an arch top cell shade can be mounted in the same window frame above standard rectangular honeycomb cell shades.
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