What color should I choose for the decorative tapes on my window blinds?
Decorative tapes are a great way to add color and style to your window blinds. Choose a color of fabric that accents your decor. The fabric tapes don't have to match the window blinds. For instance if you have cherry wood blinds you can select other colors than reds or browns. Look to accent other items in the room such as the wall paint color, draperies, or other furniture in the room.

Decorative tapes not only add color and style, they block additional light. Standard horizontal blinds have routed holes through each blind slat. This is to allow the lift cords to pass through the blinds. The fabric tapes run in front and behind the routed holes, blocking light from passing through each of the routed blind slats.

Another option for more light control on wood and faux wood blinds are routless blinds. Routless blinds are designed so each blind slat has no route holes. The lift cords run along the outside of the window blinds. This creates a blind that blocks more light than a standard routed blind.
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