Which are the blinds with the most blackout features?
We have many options for blackout blinds ranging from honeycomb cell shades to roman shades. Each do a good job blocking unwanted light. Some products, such as bamboo shades, can be made black out blinds by adding a liner.

Our best blackout blinds are our ComforTrack honeycomb cell shades. The reason they are the best black out blinds is they offer blackout fabric with an added side track system. The sidetracks are built for insulation but also block the light that can enter between the window frame and the blinds. This is the only window shades that offer such a sidetrack system. Most blackout cell shades come as single cell shades. The ComforTrack cell shades offer blackout shades with a double cell. This means the fabric offers more insulation than standard single cell cell black out shades.

Other options for blackout shades are standard honeycomb cell shades without sidetracks. Cell shades are excellent insulators. Blackout cell shades offer a mylar coating inside the honeycomb cell that blocks the light from passing through the fabric shades.

Blackout roman shades offer a completely different look than honeycomb shades. Blackout roman shades come in a wide selection of fabric choices as well as optional day and night shades. These blackout roman shades offer two shades in one. Lower the front blackout shade for privacy and light control or raise it while leaving the second translucent shade down for soft filtered light to enter the room.

Blackout roller shades offer many colors and types of fabrics. One draw back to black out roll up blinds is the control side has a larger gap between the shades and the window frame that may let unwanted light in.

Another option is bamboo shades with an added blackout liner. Blackout liners can be either attached so they raise and lower with the woven wood shades or a separate shade with its own lift cord.

Draperies can also block unwanted light. We offer a wide selection of custom drapery panels. Draperies are great because of the wide selection of fabric choices.
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