What is the difference between a privacy liner and a blackout liner?
Most woven wood shades allow light to pass through them and do not always offer complete privacy. The amount of light filtration will vary based on the style of the bamboo shades. Some woven woods offer tighter weaves or larger pieces of bamboo while others are just woven grass shades which let the most light through. Adding a liner will block this light and give additional privacy. Liners come in various grades of light filtration.

Privacy Liner
Privacy liners are designed to add privacy to the bamboo shades but will still let some light pass through the woven wood shades.

Blackout Liner
Blackout liners block all the light from passing through the shades as well as increasing the privacy of the shades. Some light may pass through the sides of the bamboo shades and the window frame.

Privacy liners and blackout liners are available in different colors. Typically these liners are neutral colors so that the outside of the shades comply with home owners association rules. The color of the liner will be visible through the woven shades.

Privacy and blackout liners come in two styles. Attached liners and movable liners. An attached liner is sewn or attached to the woven wood shades and is raised and lowered with the shades. Movable liners allow the liner to be raised and lowered independently of the bamboo shades. The advantage of the movable liner is that the shades can allow filtered light to enter the room during the daytime. A disadvantage is with the movable liner there is an additional lift cord to control the liner.
bamboo shades no liner
No Liner
bamboo shades with privacy liner
Privacy Liner
bamboo shades with blackout liner
Blackout Liner
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