I am looking at the woven wood roman blinds and am wondering if there is a way to use them on a metal door w/window? Is there some way to hang the bamboo shades magnetically maybe?
Blinds Chalet does not carry any window coverings with a magnetic headrail. All of our window blinds and shades can be mounted to just about any surface with the correct mounting screws. For mounting to a metal door you will need to purchase screws from your Home Depot, Lowes or any hardware store. Your local hardware store can help you pick out the correct screws if you take the mounting bracket with you. We recommend a self tapping screw.

To mount the woven wood shades to the metal door, you will first need to drill a small pilot hole. This hole will vary based on the size screw you are using. Mark each hole by positioning the mounting bracket where you would like to mount the bamboo blinds. Mount each bracket using the metal screws into the pilot holes you have pre-drilled. Hang the bamboo shades.
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