What is the difference between woven wood shades and woven grass shades
Bamboo shades can be classified into 3 categories based on the materials used to make the shades. All woven wood shades are made from either bamboo, wood, or grass materials woven together with cords to create a rustic woven wood shade.

Bamboo Shades
Bamboo Shades offer the thickest slats or wood within the shades. Made from bamboo wood cut to strips of about 1/2 inch thickness although the size can vary to create more diverse patterns and styles.

Woven Wood Shades
Woven wood shades are made with thinner pieces of wood or bamboo woven together. Some times called matchstick blinds because of the thin wood woven together that looks like matchsticks. Because there are more pieces of wood woven together, there are also more light gaps between each piece of wood so woven wood shades allow more light in as well as provide less privacy.

Woven Grass Shades
Woven grass shades are made from grass that is woven together to form a wood fabric shade.

Typically pricing on the woven wood shades varies based on the intricacy of the weave and the cost to make the fabric. Within each line of our bamboo shades, the main difference in price is due to the woven fabrics used to make the shades.
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