What Is the real difference between best faux wood blinds and real wood blinds besides the price? Which one is more durable? easy to clean? Better maintain the color (I like white color blinds)?
The faux wood blinds are going to resist warping and twisting better than a real wood blind, and are going to be easier to clean since they are made from a pvc material. However, real wood blinds are not as heavy and have a beautiful wood look to them that you can only achieve with a real wood product.

The blinds in our "best" categories are going to offer the most options and colors. You have options available such as decorative tapes, routless ladders, 2-blinds on 1 headrail etc. You would also be able to choose your control locations for your lift and tilt controls. Along with the options, you will have many more color choices available.

We recommend any of the wood and faux wood blinds in our "best" categories. We would suggest ordering free samples and seeing which white blinds works best for you.
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