I ordered my woven wood shades too wide. Is it possible to cut the bamboo blinds down?
If the woven wood shades have an edge binding, cutting down the shades will be more difficult as the edge binding must be removed.
  1. In order to cut down bamboo blinds, we recommend attaching painters tape to the edges to prevent the delicate edges from splintering and breaking.
  2. Roll the bamboo shades tightly around the headrail. Make sure the edges are even as you roll so when they are cut they will remain even.
  3. Tape the rolled bamboo blinds in the center to hold them in place.
  4. Measure and mark the natural woven shades where you wish to cut them. You can either cut both sides evenly or simply cut one side only if there is a minimal size reduction needed.
  5. Saw the blinds including the wood headrail.

Note: Typically any adjustments to window blinds or shades will void the manufacturer warranty and it is the responsibility of those performing modifications to create clean cuts, measurements, etc.
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