I have south facing windows that get a lot of sun and heat enters the room. What do you recommend for south facing treatments?
Plantation ShuttersWindows with a southern exposure get more sun as well as more heat. Adding insulating blinds to these windows will reduce the amount of heat that passes through the windows. Any window treatment will add insulation but some insulate better than others. Here are some recommendations:

Honeycomb Cell Shades
Cellular shades are designed with a unique fabric that has small pockets or "cells" with the fabric. These cells trap air and create an insulating barrier between your home and outside reducing energy costs. Honeycomb shades come in various pleat sizes, color as well as light control.

ComforTrack cell shades have an added side track for additional insulation. This unique side track blocks heat gain between the window frame and the cell shades.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters are great insulators are great for south facing windows. Choose from real wood shutters or shutters made from synthetic materials but made to look like wood. Shutters are a classic window treatment that add value to your home.

Whatever your home decor, Blinds Chalet is sure to have a window treatment for your south facing windows. Buy online and save!
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