How are your liners attached to your bamboo woven wood shades?
The privacy and blackout liners on our woven wood shades vary based on the product as well as the type of liner selected. Here are the options:

Tavarua Woven Wood Shades
  • Attached Liner: The attached liners operate with the shade. As the bamboo shades are raised and lowered so are the liners. Each liner is sewn to the bamboo shades. If the shades have edge binding the edge binding wraps around both the shades and the liner for the ultimate finished look.
  • Movable liner: The movable liners on the Tavarua woven wood shades have their own linft cord and share a common headrail with the bamboo shades.

All Other Woven Wood Shades
  • Attached Liner: The attached liner on the other woven wood shades are simple attached with clips every few inches along the sides of the shades.
  • Movable liner: With the movable liners, just like the Tavarua shades, they are operated with their own lift cord and share the same headrail as the shades.

Our Tavarua line of bamboo shades have an optional fabric liner. Purchase four or more bamboo shades and get the privacy and blackout liners for free.

Look for free edge binding on our bamboo shades!
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