For your bamboo woven wood shades, what color is the privacy & blackout liner?
Our privacy and blackout liners vary slightly based on the product. First lets discuss our Tavarua line of bamboo shades.

With our Tavarua woven wood shades, all the liners are cloth fabric and come in your choice of colors. The color selection varies based on whether you would like a privacy liner or a blackout liner and is available at checkout.
  • Fabric Privacy Liner
    • Natural
    • Beige
  • Fabric Blackout Liner
    • Soft White
Our Tavarua bamboo shades offer both an attached liner that raises with the shades or a separate movable liner that can be raised independent of the shade.

With the rest of our bamboo woven wood shades, the liner vary based on whether the liner is movable or attached. All of these liners offer a neutral white color on the street side of the shades for home owner associations. The side towards the room and shade has the color.
  • Privacy Liner
    • White(default color)
    • Ivory
  • Blackout Liner
    • White(default color)
    • Ivory
    • Beige
    • Black
These bamboo shades are also available in both an attached liner and a movable liner. The difference with this product is the Tavarua liners are all a cloth fabric liner, while these offer an attached liner in fabric or a movable liner that is a thin polyester material.

Privacy liners offer some light control but are designed for privacy only. Blackout liners offer both light control and privacy. If you are looking for blackout bamboo shades, select the blackout liner upgrade.
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