I am looking for cheap blinds. What is your lowest priced window coverings?
Blinds Chalet carries many options for cheap window coverings. All of our blinds and shades are priced very competitively where we beat most competitors and our quality is still excellent. Don't let the tiny price tag scare you. All of our window blinds and shades are custom made to order for your sizes, colors and other options.

Our cheapest blinds would be aluminum mini blinds however you can upgrade to faux wood blinds for not much more.

Faux wood blinds are still cheap to buy but are a better product for many reasons. First faux wood blinds have thicker slats than aluminum blinds so they won't bend so easy. Faux wood blinds are also made to look like real wood blinds at a lower price point. Just because they are inexpensive doesn't mean they are cheap blinds.

If you are looking for cheap blinds and shades look no further than Blinds Chalet. Buy today and get free shipping on your order so why wait?
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