Do you sell just the privacy liner for the bamboo woven wood shades?
Unfortunately the liners must be attached when the bamboo shades are purchased. It is possible to order a separate shade such as honeycomb cellular shades or pleated shades. This will accomplish the same end result as a moveable liner. The lift cord to operate the shades will just be behind the bamboo shades. You will not be able to use the cell shades until the bamboo shades are raised.

The only draw back when mounting cell shades or pleated shades behind the bamboo shades you will need to ensure you have enough window depth. You will need to check the exact product specs for the size of the shades to ensure you will be able to mount both shades in the same window frame.

Our Tavarua Bamboo Shades offer a fabric liner in your choice of either an attached liner or a separate movable liner. Movable liners come with their own lift cord separate from that of the bamboo shades. Liner can be raised while the bamboo shades are lowered for filtered light to enter the room.
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