We have having difficulty attaching endcap to the valance. The valance ends at 90 degrees.The endcap is beveled at 45 degrees. The connector is 90 degrees. There are no instructions for attaching endcap.
When you order inside mount blinds, the valance that comes with the Chalet Elite faux wood blind is an inside mount valance. The factory throws in additional parts with the order that are not always needed in each application. The end pieces or returns you are referring to are for outside mount blinds and are not meant to attach to the valance with your blinds. The valance has been cut at a different angle and the ends will not work. Simply use the valance without the ends.

Each of our wood and faux wood blinds come with a free valance, most of which is a crown molding valance. Our higher end window blinds come with an optional free upgrade to our "cornice style" valance. This valance is the same crown molding valance but the valance is designed to sit outside the window frame on inside mount blinds. The valance is about 2 inches wider than the blinds and has returns or side, end pieces to finish the ends of the valance.
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