Can I send my bamboo woven wood shades back so you can put the blackout material on them?
Unfortunately it not possible to add a privacy or blackout liner to existing woven wood shades. The reason for this is when a shade is fabricated with a liner, the bamboo shades have a larger headrail to accommodate the liner. One possible option is to mount a cheap shade such as pleated shades behind the bamboo shade. This option, however, can only be achieved if yuor window frame has enought depth to accommodate both shades.

Because of the nature of natural bamboo shades, some light will pass through the shades and complete privacy may not be achieved. We offer your choice of a privacy liner or a blackout liner. Privacy liners will provide complete privacy but may allow some light to enter the room. A blackout liner will block all light from passing through the bamboo shades although some light may pass at the sides of the shades.

We also offer two styles of operation for our privacy and blackout liners. First, is our basic liner that is attached to the woven wood shades and moves when the shades are raised and lowered. For no additional charge we offer a movable liner. This liner offers its own lift cord and can be raised separately from the bamboo shades. This option offer the ability to raise the liner during the daytime, keeping the woven wood shades lowered, letting filtered light enter the room.
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