Window blinds vs. window films. Which is better?
When comparing window blinds vs. window film it all depends on the end goal. Window coverings are traditionally used to achieve privacy while window film is designed to filter uv rays. Window film is great if the end goal is to reduce energy costs while not blocking the view through the windows although there are many roller shades available with screen fabric that can also do the same thing.

What about homes with drafty windows? Window film will not help reduce drafts from windows. Most of the energy loss from a home is through the windows. The best option for reducing drafts in an energy efficient shade such as the comfortrack cell shades or draperies.

What about bathrooms? Because window coverings are designed for privacy we recommend using window blinds or shades over your windows for complete privacy. There are some options with window films such as frosted glass window film if you would like filtered light. Remember, anytime light can enter through a window treatment during the daytime it will allow light to pass the opposite direction at night.

One of the best window blinds for bathrooms is faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made to look like real wood but each slat is made from vinyl. This material will hold up well in the moist set environment of the bathroom cased by steam or just splashing the blinds that may be close to the sink or shower.

When choosing between window blinds and window film it is just a matter of a few things, personal preference and whether complete privacy is an issue. Window films are great for filtering light and uv rays while window blinds offer complete privacy.
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