What is a poly resin shutter?
Poly resin shutters are simply a wood alternative shutter made from synthetic materials. Poly resin refers to the material which the window shutters are made from. Sometimes poly resin shutters are also called vinyl shutters or pvc shutters.

The poly resin material is designed for longevity. Because the shutters are made from the same materials used in vinyl fencing they are built to last. Poly resin shutters resist warping, discoloration, and stains. This poly resin material makes a shutter that looks like real wood at a lower cost point.

Poly resin shutters are also designed with hollow louvers which traps air inside. This unique louver creates an excellent insulating shutter helping lower energy bills and save money.

At Blinds Chalet we carry several options for poly resin shutters. Shop online, do it yourself and save on your purchase of poly resin shutters today!
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