How do I remove the existing bamboo woven wood shades that are mounted in my windows?
Bamboo shades, often referred to as matchstick blinds or woven wood shades are relatively easy to remove from the windows. Installation of bamboo shades can vary however.

Inside Mount Bamboo Shades
Inside mount shades may be mounted using screws directly through the wood headrail and into the top of the window frame. To remove the woven wood shades simply unscrew the screws.

A second option when mounting the shades inside a window frame is with the use of brackets. The brackets are screwed through a channel in each of the headrail. The bracket is mounted into the window frame using screws. Refer to the instructions below to remove bamboo shades mounted using brackets.

Outside Mount Bamboo Shades
Outside mount woven wood shades are mounted with brackets. to remove the shades unscrew the wing nuts found on the underside of the headrail while supporting the shade. Once the wing nuts are removed lower the bamboo shades off the posts and remove. Removed the mounting brackets by simply unscrewing the screws.
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