I need blackout shades that will help to dampen sound. What do you recommend?
Window blinds are designed to add privacy, control light, and insulate the windows. The better insulator the window blinds are the better they will do to dampen the sound. Our top insulating window blinds and shades include shutters and cell shades.

Cell shades have an unique honeycomb fabric that traps air with the shades creating an insulating barrier. The fabric comes in both light filtering as well as blackout for light control. These window shades would be the most cost effective option.

Window shutters are also great at insulating your windows as well as light control and another option. Shutters are attractive but not as cost effective as cell shades. Shutters come in either real wood or synthetic materials such as vinyl or composite. For real wood stain colors we recommend real wood shutters but for white shutters most composite shutters are hard to tell the difference.
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