I'm ordering woven wooden blinds to fit inside my window frame. There are several different pieces of moulding. How much space do the need to mount to? How much more for the roman privacy liner?
The minimum amount of depth will vary slightly on each woven wood blind. Most need at least 1 inch of window frame depth to mount to. At this depth, however, a portion of the woven wood blinds will extend past the front edge of the window frame. Adding a liner will also require more depth to allow room for the liner behind the bamboo shades.

Privacy liners cost an additional 35% so the price of the liners are based on the size of the woven wood blinds. Blackout liners are a 40% upgrade. If you purchase 4 or more of our Tavarua Woven Wood Shades the privacy liners are free so this a tremendous savings.

We recommend adding a liner to bamboo shades if you need privacy as the woven wood blinds will have slight spaces between the wood and fibers. Privacy liners can be either attached to the bamboo blinds or a separate movable liner with it's own lift cord. A movable liner requires more window frame depth than an attached liner.

Choose from our wide selection of woven wood blinds. Upgrade with free edge binding and free liners. Shop online, do it yourself and save on bamboo blinds.
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