I have narrow side windows on both sides of my front door that are only 9.5" wide. Do you make the 2" faux wood blinds that small. Your charts only go to 12" and I need some sidelight blinds.
We have several narrow faux wood blinds that can be made under 12 inches as sidelight blinds. If you search our faux wood blinds and enter the size you need the faux wood blinds that can be made will have a price. The faux wood blinds that cannot be made that narrow will be listed as "size not available". Keep in mind that narrow faux wood blinds come without a lift cord and only a tilt control. This is due to the limitation in the width of the headrail with not enough room for both mechanisms.

At Blinds Chalet we offer many different options for side light blinds. Almost any type of window blinds or shades can be used as sidelight shades. Choose from horizontal blinds such as faux wood blinds and real wood blinds. Other possible options include cell shades and bamboo blinds. Buy your sidelight shades today!
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