Is it possible to add a privacy liner to woven blinds that are already hung? Is it possible to order a separate liner?
We cannot add privacy or blackout liners to existing bamboo shades. Depending on the depth of your window you may be able to install a thin shade such as a pleated shade behind the woven wood shades. Pleated shades typically require about 2 inches of depth. If your window has about 3 inches of depth you may be able to install both a pleated shade and a woven wood shade together in the same window frame.

The best option, however, is to order the woven wood shades with the liners at the time the order is placed. Occasionally we offer free privacy or blackout liners on our bamboo shades.

Bamboo shades are made from natural materials such as bamboo, jute, rope, and others woven together. Depending on the fabric the shades will not always provide privacy and light control. Adding a privacy or blackout liner solves this problem. Woven wood shade liners can be either attached so they raise with the shades or separate with their own lift cord. The separate lift allows the liner to be raised letting filtered light through the shades while an attached liner has only one lift cord.

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