I am looking for wood like blinds and wondered what you have to offer.
Our wood like blinds or fake wood blinds are called faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made from synthetic materials such as PVC. Designed to look like real wood blinds, fake wood blinds come in various grades.

If you are looking for white blinds, most faux wood blinds are comparable when it comes to the look of the blind slats. If you want a fake wood blind in a stain color there is a difference. The lower grade faux wood blinds come in solid colors with either a flat or an embossed slat that has a wood grain texture. The higher grad faux wood blinds offer a printed stain that is more realistic and harder to distinguish between a real wood blind.

Whatever your style or budget, we have a wide selection of wood like blinds that are sure to fit your needs and your budget. Our prices are lower than hardware stores and the quality is excellent. Measure and install yourself and save. Buy your faux wood blinds today!
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