I am considering purchasing some of your Premier 2" Faux Wood Blinds. The valance that is pictured with that window blind appears to be a cornice type. In the ordering section, it gives you the option of yes or no for a cornice type valance. What is the other option? Is it a valance that stops at the window frame (I have an inside installation) or does it slightly go outside and over the side of the window?
Cornice type valance
Cornice Type Valance
Each of our wood and faux wood blinds come standard with valances at no additional charge. Most of our valances are crown molding with the exception of just a couple of blinds. The cornice style valance is a free upgrade we offer on many of our blinds. A standard valance for inside mount blinds fits within the window frame with the blinds. A cornice type valance sits outside the window frame while the blinds fit within. The cornice type valance is about two inches wider than the window frame and also has returns or sides attached to bring the valance back to the wall creating a "cornice" look to the valance.

The cornice style valance creates a nicer finished look to the blinds. Many decorators request this style valance on their orders and we offer this upgrade at no charge for many of our wood and faux wood blinds.
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