Do you have 3/4" horizontal blinds?
The closest product we carry to 3/4" horizontal blinds would be 1" wood blinds or 1" faux wood blinds. We also have 1/2" micro aluminum mini blinds. We are not aware of any manufacturers that produce 3/4" horizontal blinds and even if they did they would not be much different than our 1 inch wood blinds and faux wood blinds.

1 inch blinds are ideal for windows where there is not much depth to mount the blinds or for door blinds. Because 1" blinds are not as deep as the larger slat blinds such as 2 inch blinds, they will not extend as far off the door when mounted.

Blinds Chalet carries our horizontal blinds in various size slats. Choose from 1 inch slats, 2 inch slats, or 2 1/2 inch slats but we do not carry 3/4" inch horizontal blinds.
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