Do you offer faux wood blinds in less than 2" width? I am looking for a 1 inch faux wood blind.
1 inch faux wood blinds are hard to find. Faux wood blinds are made in different size slats, the most common of which is the 2 inch faux wood blinds. We just added 1 inch faux wood blinds that match our Aspen 2 inch faux wood blinds and our Aspen vertical blinds. The faux wood blind slats offer realistic looking stain colors and white paints.

We also offer a 1 inch aluminum blind. Some manufacturers carry a 1 inch vinyl mini blind but we would not recommend them. They are made of such a thinly extruded pvc material they are suspect to warpage.

Faux wood blinds are made from vinyl or extruded pvc material and are designed to look like real wood blinds. The faux wood blinds are tested for warping and discoloration in extreme temperatures to ensure that none of these issues will become problems for our customers. Our blinds have at least a 500 hour uv rating which is the highest rating in the window blinds industry. Don't make the mistake in order a blind with a lower uv rating. You may pay less in the beginning but you will have to replace the blinds soon.
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