I am interested in ordering some interior mount blinds. The space that I'm working with is an older home, so there is not much space inside the window frame to mount to. How much space is needed inside the window frame(between the glass and the edge of the molding) to mount an interior mount blind?
The minimum amount of mounting depth for interior mount blinds varies by product. Each window blind also has a minimum mounting depth as well as a flush mounting depth. With a window frame at the minimum mounting depth, the window blind will extend out past the edge of the window frame. Flush mounting depth is the minimum depth required for the entire blind to fit completely within the window frame with none of the blinds extending past the window frame front edge.

Each of our blinds and shades have the minimum depth required for inside mount blinds listed on the product details page. You will find this information under the features & specs tab. As a general rule, 2" horizontal blinds such as faux wood blinds and wood blinds need at least 1.5" inches and 3" for a flush mount. Honeycomb shades for instance require less space needing just under 1" depth and 2" for a flush mount blind. The minimum mounting depths are determined by the size of the blinds, the headrail and valance.

If you have windows with a shallow depth, measure the depth where the window is the shallowest. Use this measurement and compare against the specific product you are interested in to ensure you have proper mounting depth. If you need help with your inside mount blinds feel free to contact customer service and we can assist you.
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