Do your express blinds have both a tilt cord and a lift cord feature? I only saw reference to tilt cord only. I need to be able to lift the blinds to stay in certain positions too.
Our express blinds have both lift and a tilt controls. In order for our express blinds to ship faster, they are pre-made and therefore there is no adjustment on the controls or any other options. On most custom blinds there is an option to select either a wand or a cord for the tilt control. With the express blinds there is either a wand tilt control or a cord tilt control with no choice to change. What is meant by "tilt cord only" is that there is no option for a wand tilt.

Also, for smaller window blinds under 17", there is not room in the headrail for both a lift mechanism and a tilt mechanism. On these smaller blinds they come with only a tilt control and without a lift control. This means the window blinds can only be tilted and cannot be raised or lowered.

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