What is the best type of blind or shade to use in a bathroom. We would like the kind that you can push the top down and the bottom up. Do you have problems with mold if you use blinds?
In locations where there is high humidity and moisture we recommend staying away from real wood blinds. Although they are treated with paints, stains and other finishes, real wood never last as long in a wet environment.

We suggest a window blind made from synthetic materials such as faux blinds. Faux wood blinds are made from vinyl and designed to look like real wood blinds. Choose from standard white colors that look like painted blinds, some even have a wood grain texture. Stains have also come a long way with printed wood grains that look like real wood.

As far as top down bottom up blinds, cellular shades are an option. They work well in areas with moisture and humidity but not recommended for areas where they would be in direct contact with water on a consistent basis such as in a shower.

Choices for bathroom blinds can vary, choose a product that is not made from real wood and suits your individual needs. Buy your window blinds for the bathroom today!
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