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Window Shades: Transfer a Kid's Room to a Home Office

Jan 25 2010

During the recession, more and more people are looking to ways to make money at home. In doing so, they often find the kids' room would make a perfect home office, if they could change the windows shades, paint, add a desk and a few other things.

Converting a Room to a Home Office
First thing, you need to assess what can stay and what needs to leave. Let us look at the furniture.
  • Bed
    • The bed needs to go unless it is a daybed. Then you can change the kiddy bedspread to a more adult pattern and it can go for a sitting area.
  • Dresser
    • The dresser will need to go, unless it is a student desk combo. Then all you need is to covert the drawers to business supplies.
    • Sometimes, you can convert the bottom drawer to a hanging file cabinet. You can buy the converter set for under $20.
  • Night Stand
    • Many night stands can be converted to filing cabinets as well.
    • If there are stains, then get a nice cloth placemat to put on top. They come in many colors and you can match it to the room.

Changing the Window Shades
Most of the time, it is the shades that give away a room. You can have everything nice and new but shades will always say kids' room.

For an office look you might try:
  • Roman shades for elegance
  • Woven Wood Shades for professional look
  • Real Wood shades or Faux Wood shades for a natural look
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