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Mini Blinds: Avoid the Common Color Mistakes

Jan 30 2010

Many people take the chance to replace mini blinds as an opportunity to redecorate the room or even the home. While this is a good idea, you will want to be careful of these  mini blind mistakes.

Mistake 1: Too Much Color
Spring and Fall arrive and people want to add color to their home. Mini blinds can be a great way to add this color if used in moderation.  Very few styles can handle bright blinds of different colors around the room.

Tip - When going for BOLD color, choose one color of window treatment and go with it throughout the room. Too many colors can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Mistake 2: Not Enough Color
This may seem at odds with mistake 1, but really it is the same mistake at the opposite end. This happens mostly when people go for real wood blinds. They will have real wood floors, dark leather sofas, dark walls or paneling, and then put up the same wood for the blinds. This is a depressing state as too much brown can kill a room.

Tip - When going for a woodsy effect, it is ok to choose different shades of the same wood. Darker rooms could really benefit from bamboo shades, or a light sand color shade. If privacy is not a factor, then try some solar shades. The solar shades block out nasty UV light but are clear enough to see the view.
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